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Celebrities Will Arnett and Amy Poehler finally file for divorce

Every family situation is complex and each divorce process is unique. A Massachusetts couple who has been living separately for months or years may reach the point where they feel the need to make the next step and legally file for divorce. Recently, Will Arnett filed for divorce from "Saturday Night Live" alum, Amy Poehler, though they first publicly separated 18 months previously.

Some couples may prolong their divorce filing due to financial reasoning or circumstances involving family or children that may be involved. In other cases, the spouses are attempting to work their problems out via counseling. Reports have not revealed why this celebrity couple may have delayed in their decision to legally split, but have described their lives as clearly separate. Court records indicate that Arnett requested a joint child custody arrangement for the couple's two children.

Individual taxes after a Massachusetts divorce

A new phrase for divorce has become popular within Hollywood and contemporary couples called conscious uncoupling. This amicable choice is meant to allow both parties to separate with respect and equality. However fair and positively a Massachusetts couple decides to divide assets and determine child custody arrangements, the Internal Revenue Service is going to allow only one party the ability to claim certain exemptions and benefits following a divorce.

Organizing and filing taxes may become increasingly difficult for a person who has recently divorced. A person's marriage or divorce status determines how a person can file. However, certain labels such as head of house hold, have time and earning restrictions. The confusion associated with determining who claims what and where documents can be found can be confusing for some people.

Fight to end difficulty of international legal custody disputes

When Massachusetts parents are in the midst of a legal custody dispute, strong opinions and beliefs may conflict between parties. In certain situations, this conflict could instigate a parent's choice to remove a child from the U.S. and return to what may have been their home country, without permission from the other parent. This can often make it difficult for an American parent to make a legal custody arrangement to see his or her child.

In some situations, a parent may have difficulty knowing the exact location his or her child may have been taken to without international assistance. One father involved in a current petition against Japan has not seen his daughter for close to 11 years. She was taken as an infant to Japan by her mother prior to a finalized divorce between the couple. Although the man's ex wife has passed away, he has still been denied custody or visitation by the child's Japanese family.

Achieving a fair settlement in a Massachusetts divorce

Divorce situations can be extensively stressful and straining for even the calmest people. Many Massachusetts spouses may feel they are on the verge of a meltdown and may question their emotional resolve as they complete necessary tasks in their legal separation. The desire to finalize property division and settle sooner rather than later could be a driving force behind many decisions a person makes during a divorce.

Financial decisions and agreements that are made during the divorce process can have long-term consequences and may be difficult to alter. A recent report confronted the potential of unfavorable compromises made out of emotional exhaustion in order to avoid additional litigation or mediation. Forfeiting a fair and rightful resolution could have binding outcomes that damage a person financially; the opportunity to renegotiate an unfavorable resolution may be extensive and complicated.

Massachusetts Senator proposes bill to affect divorce process

A legal divorce can be filled with documents and paperwork and seem confusing to a Massachusetts couple who desires to separate. If children are involved, the level of difficulty can increase significantly and leave a family with a number of questions on what the best way to proceed may be. A new bill that was recently introduced has the potential to affect the private lives of parents involved in a separation, holding them accountable for new relationships prior to divorce finalization.

Recently, a Massachusetts Senator proposed a new bill that could require a divorcing couple to petition the court for intimacy permission if children are involved in the divorce. The proposal includes direction in which a parent who has retained child custody and the family home during the divorce process may not begin a new romantic relationship within the residence prior to finalizing the divorce. If the parent desires to introduce a new partner into the home before the legal completion, then they must seek court-approved permission.

Revisiting child support arrangements in Massachusetts

Child support agreements in Massachusetts can be complex and specific to every family and financial situation. The amount of financial support a non-custodial guardian is responsible for providing is often determined based off of their income as well as assets or additional earning potential. When a custodial parent feels they may be entitled to additional child support due to increased net worth of the payee, they may pursue a motion to increase financial contribution.

Recently, a well-known banking executive was petitioned by his ex-wife to revisit their previously binding child support arrangement. Court records indicate this is in direct connection with his increase in earnings and assets since their original arrangement. Although she herself is worth millions, the income of her divorced husband is significantly more and continues to increase. She has asked for an increase of $25,000 per month for their two children.

Organizing assets before property division in Massachusetts

The ability to organize can help a person to limit stress and feel less overwhelmed. Collecting and prioritizing necessary documents and information when facing property division in a divorce could provide the same benefit and help give a person who wishes to separate additional resources. A Massachusetts spouse who has made the decision to separate may feel the desire to collect detailed information before property division is addressed to help ensure financial security and a fair settlement.

Detailing income, resources, expenses, debt and assets can provide a complete picture of a couple's financial reality and help to reach a desired settlement. Financial specialists and other professionals may aid in the process and work alongside other people involved to investigate and reveal all available assets between the divorcing couple. This could include bank accounts, retirement programs or other investments, stocks, independent inheritance or benefits from work.

Family law and social media in Massachusetts

Some professionals believe that it may be beneficial for those involved in or contemplating family law proceedings to consider canceling their social media subscriptions and remain offline during the process. A venue that allows public notification of personal and private information could have the ability to provide an electronic record sought out in a contested or volatile battle. A Massachusetts parent who is facing the complexity of a family law situation may choose to exercise all available options to strengthen their case and increase their chances of a successful outcome.

Many people feel that disconnecting from social media may be extreme and difficult during such a tumultuous time in their life. Reports suggest that pictures depicting the lifestyle that a parent chooses to live could be used against them in family law discussions and arrangements. Photographs taken out of context may have the potential to be damaging to a perfectly safe and normal adult.

Investment Banker used inside trading for child support?

Many Massachusetts parents require child support payments to provide for their children and survive independent from the other parent. When a non-custodial parent responsible for providing financial support loses their income due to illegal practices, a guardian may be concerned about how they will continue to receive help. A man who had been employed as an investment banker was recently let go from his position and arrested due to the discovery of his alleged profit from insider trading used to fund child support payments.

As the senior managing director for his company, the professional banker had access to resources that made this illegal practice possible. Reports claim that the funds accumulated from his illegal trading were purportedly used to complete child support payments for the man's young child. When the trading was discovered not only did the additional income get cut off, but the SEC filed a civil complaint against the man for using the money solely to fulfill child support obligations.

Tyrese involved in child custody dispute

Tyrese, a well-known hip hop star and actor, claims to be involved in a child custody dispute where his visitation is being illegally denied by the mother of his daughter. Child custody disagreements can be difficult and emotional for many Massachusetts parents to work through. Combating another party for what is in the best interests of the children can be exhausting. A parent who makes the decision to move forward with enforcing child custody arrangements may face choices that are not simple.

Recently, Tyrese attempted to retrieve his six year old daughter from her mother's residence as outlined in the child custody agreement. When the mother denied his visitation, the celebrity contacted authorities, which were dispatched to the home. Although details pertaining to the conversation between police and the child's parents were not released, Tyrese was not granted permission to take his daughter from the premise. This situation prompted the star to seek enforcement so he can have visitation with his daughter.

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